Comprehensive Legal Defense for Sex Crimes

Confidential Defense Against Sex Crime Charges

Regardless of whether you are charged with date rape or with possession of child pornography, a conviction can follow you around for years to come. If convicted, you will need to register as a sex offender, and it can affect your professional and personal reputation. See more about Key Sex Crime Statutes.

If you are charged with a sex crime in New Jersey, it is essential that you hire an attorney with experience defending these cases and who will work for you and fight for you. Glenn D. Kassman, of The Law Office Of Glenn D. Kassman, Esq. is that attorney.

We Will Vigorously Work to Preserve Your Character

The Law Office Of Glenn D. Kassman, Esq. will:

  • Carefully investigate your case to uncover evidence
  • Interview all parties involved, including police
  • Bring in witnesses (when appropriate) to testify on your behalf
  • Present you with defense options to help you combat your charges
  • Negotiate with prosecutors to obtain the best possible plea agreement
  • Take your case to trial

Do Not Let a Sex Offense Charge Ruin Your Life

In New Jersey, if you are charged with a sex offense, you face the possibility of a lengthy prison term as well as many other penalties and consequences. Some of them can follow you, literally, for the rest of your life.

Defendants convicted of many sex crimes are required to register periodically with their local police departments under "Megan's Law." They are not allowed to live with or near children, and they also face extremely severe limitations on their freedom under a law called Parole Supervision for Life or PSL.

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Regardless if you are facing serious sex crime charges such as an accusation of rape, or lesser charges of sexual assault, you need to contact our team right away.